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Pillow Talk Cheeky PILLOW TALK

Pillow Talk Cheeky PILLOW TALK


Codice prodotto: 5923820000

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Ordina entro Sunday 1 March 2020 e ricevi il prodotto Friday 6 March
Informazioni aggiuntive:
PILLOW TALK Pink massage wand for effective stimulation of all the erogenous zones.With a powerful motor that provides deep multi-speed vibrations at the push of a button (press the button down for longer). The button is a real Swarovski stone. With a Quick-Off function that turns the vibrator off straight away. Travel lock. It can be recharged with the included USB cable. Complete length 20 cm, Ø 3.9 cm.Silicone, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. - “Cheeky” always good for pillow talk!This pink massage wand really has everything that a (woman’s) heart desires: a great colour, beautiful curves, a soft surface, a bit of glitter and of course arousing vibrations. Are you curious yet?“Cheeky” is perfect for soothingly stimulating all the erogenous zones. The massage wand can reach all your special spots because it has a round head and a flexible neck Feel how this massage wand glides all over your body almost on its own, thanks to its velvety soft surface. Once it is where you want it to be, you can use the button on the textured shaft to let it unleash its power. However, this button is no ordinary button – it is a real Swarovski stone that sparkles beautifully when it catches the light.However this massage wand doesn’t just look good – it also has a lot to offer as well. Your new favourite has a powerful motor that can provide deep vibrations (at the push of a button) which will catapult you into ecstasy. Press the button down for longer to adjust the vibrations until you find the one that is right for you. The massage wand has multi-speed vibrations. The massage wand also has a Quick-Off function that turns it off straight away. It has a travel lock as well that prevents it from turning itself on and therefore avoids embarrassing moments. If your new lover runs out of power, you can easily recharge it with the included USB cable – it’ll then be ready for the next round of fun. What are you waiting for?!Complete length 20 cm, Ø 3.9 cm.Silicone, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH.

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