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Mister B Vac Rack

Mister B Vac Rack

Mister B - Mister B Vac Rack

Codice prodotto: 623010

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Mister B Vac Rack
Ordina entro Oggi alle 24:00 e ricevi il prodotto Friday 31 January
Informazioni aggiuntive:
Mister B The Mister B Vac Rack. The ultimate addition to your playroom for the lovers of intense latex play. Bondage, Sensory Deprivation and Breath Control are some of the endless possibilities of the Mister B Vac Rack. The Mister B Vac Rack is basically a frame of PVC tubes, with a natural latex sack over it. After set up, you can connect the Vac Rack to your vacuum cleaner which will suck the air out of the latex sack. The vacuum will hold you down tightly in the latex sack, creating a restrictive and sensual experience. This Mister B Vac Rack is a complete kit, made from the following: 1 PVC frame (6 tubes, 3 Corner pipes, 1 T-connector). 1 Latex Sack, double layered with side zip. With small breathing hole. With crotch hole, with closing flap. 1 Breathing tube 1 Pair of ear protectors 1 Rubber hood 1 Latex carrier bag 1 Manual Therefore you get a complete ready to use package that only requires your vacuum cleaner to start the fun! Size: approximately 2.10 m x 1.10 m (82 inch x 43 inch):: therefore LARGER than usual. Safety: please ensure that you carefully read and understand the manual before use. The manual is filled with tips and tricks anyway, intended to optimize your play experience. Most important safety warnings are: Never play alone. Protect your ear drums against the vacuum. Lastly, if you’re allergic to latex, discontinue use immediately. Also check out our Mister B Vac Rack Video.

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